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GRETCHEN TRIES STUFF EP 12: The one with intermittent fasting

"Never skip breakfast;" "Eat within the first hour of being awake;" "Eat many small meals throughout the day." 

I've heard these statements a lot over the years so when my roommate mentioned she was going to try intermittent fasting, I was a little skeptical. The concept itself feels reminiscent of a starvation diet based on name alone. As someone who has spent years in thearpy for an eating disorder, the negative effects of a starvation diet have been drilled into me and I try to also stay away from anything that could temp me into old bad habits. But then a few days later, I suggested video popped up on my YouTube feed all about intermittent fasting—I preceded to spend the next hour doing research on the concept.  Intrigued, I immediately jumped into my own 10 Day Intermittent Fasting Challenge.

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