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I've been talking a lot lately about the dating scene to friends. Now days, I'm one of the only people in my friend group who is single, and I often hear people express their absolute horror at the idea of being single again in the age of dating apps. I can't really take offense to this attitude—My dating experience now days feels a whole world apart from when I was a young, optimistic 21-year-old.

Dating when I was 21 was easy. I was still in college and there is almost no easier time in your life to meet people than in college. I met my boyfriend at the time by making eye contact with him in the Subway line at the student union. It was literally that easy to meet new, exciting people.

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SOLO: What Does It Mean to Be Single

Being single is not always as picturesque as a pint and a slice and an enjoyable movie. It's not a constant stream of horrific dates (though I've gone on quite a few of those), nor is it a life of constant partying and sexual adventures (of course that might just my experience). It is, however, a life choice that tends to be undervalued, particularly if you're female and older than, say 25? 27? 

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