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GRETCHEN TRIES STUFF EP 13: The One With The Kosher Diet

I've done a few month-long challenges now: A month without sugar, my month of living zero-waste, and of course my totally failed month of waking up early (expect an update on that one as I re-attempt to become a morning person). This April—kind of in honor of Passover—I decided to give going a Kosher a try. How hard could it be? 

As a kid, I always had a vision that Kosher food involved some rabbi standing in front of an assembly line of package food, blessing it as it passes. This isn't exactly how it works (unless is secretly is, in which I need someone in the know to contact me immediately!) 

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GRETCHEN TRIES STUFF EPISODE 11: The one when I realized I'm not an early riser

Waking up early multiple days in a row is just plan difficult for me. For my latest Gretchen Tries Stuff challenge, I tried to force myself to become an early riser for the entire month of February and it wasn't nearly as easy as I thought. Maybe I haven't found the right routine for getting up? or maybe being a morning person just isn't for me. 

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