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LIFE UPDATE: Zero Waste Living {some 8 months later}

With summer coming up on us pretty fast, it made me realize just how long it's been since I talked zero waste. Last year for the entire month of September, I went zero waste (I only used products that were recyclable, reusable, or compostable). It was a project near and dear to my heart, and one that took much thoughtful planning and research for more environmentally friendly alternatives to products I commonly used. When my month of zero waste was over, however, I became a bit more relaxed around certain things. I still attempted to be less wasteful, but found my "reasonable exception" list growing. Being some 8 months after my zero waste challenge, I felt it was time to readdress the question: How zero waste am I? 

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It was going to be my Boston Qualifier. I was coming in after an amazing experience running the Portland Marathon in the fall. My enthusiasm for racing (and confidence) was high. At the time, I felt a random occasional pain in my knee was nothing of great concern—something that could wait until post-race to be dealt with. I felt it fairly soon into the Eugene Marathon (a fast, flat course that held particular importance to me being in the city I was born and went to college in). By mile 9, I was limping—bad. Mile 12, I made the hardest decision I've ever had to make in a race: to quit. I was worried about getting super far out from the finish line and being so injured, I'd have to take the medical van back in, so when the course split (half to the left to head into their last mile back, full to the right to head out for another 14.2 miles), I went left. I hobbled across the finish line and straight into the medical tent.  

Some 6 years later, I finally returned to avenge myself.

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Is yoga trendy right now? With the rise in popularity of mindfulness, mediation apps, and companies like Lululemon and Outdoor Voices, yoga can feel pretty mainstream. My roommate happens to be a licensed yoga instructor who favors the more traditional aspects and is often irritated by the common practice now days of removing the more spiritual aspects of yoga in favor of using it as a trendy workout. I tend to just nod in agreement, shuddering to think what she might say to me if she knew my past history with yoga and my utter dislike of the word "chakra." 

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READING PICKS {Spring '18}

Spring is here and I couldn't be more excited. After a long winter, I'm feeling super thankful for the warmer temperatures and sunnier days. Flowers are popping up all over my neighborhood, and I finally got to get back into the garden and beginning planting for summer. It's starting to truly feel like spring for me. The changing of the season also means a self-checkin on how I'm doing on my 50 Books Reading Challenge. At 11 books, I'm just slightly behind pace for my goal (this past month has been a little hectic and I just haven't gotten as much reading done). I guess I'll have to kick it up a bit this spring to make up for it.  I followed up my winter Harry Potter binge with a whole lot of non-fiction. In particular, I focused on a lot of autobiographies written by strong, inspirational women. (It was a very self-empowering book-marathon.) 

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Anna Akana, an actress and YouTuber, posted a video four years ago call, "Yes, I'm Sexy." The video is a follow-up to an earlier video in which she discusses how she doesn't "feel sexy." This video gives a piece of advice that I've applied to a few different aspects of my life: Find someone you think is the bomb and do what they do. This feels like kind of weird advice but it's been a very valuable tip in my life: from finding hobbies I like and fashion styles that make me feel more confident to ideals for my blog and website layout. 

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