I'M VALENTINES INDIFFERENT {But that doesn't mean I can't wear pink: My Top Valentine's Day Picks}

(Screen grab from Disney's Mickey Mouse cartoon "Locked In Love")

I classify myself as Valentine's Day Indifferent. I made the personal choice to feel this way in my early 20s. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll already know that I've spent most of my 20s being single and my thoughts on relationships. As single girl, society tends to put you in one of two camps during Valentine's Day: You're either the bitter, single who hates Valentine's Day (because you're a lonely hag) or the crazed single desperate for a date so you don't feel so alone. As a single female, totally okay with rocking the holiday solo, I decided I wanted nothing to do with either stereotype. I neither hate nor love Valentine's Day. I actually can't remember what I did for the holiday last year—like, let me take a second to really think hard about it.... nope, just a total blank. There was a time back in my teenage and college years, before I started my 7+ year stretch of singleton, when I put a little more stock in the holiday. Probably because as a kid, the holiday was full of Valentine's Day cards, classroom parties, and loads of candy. With my past experience being that I'd always received Valentines (required to give a card to all students in the classroom) and the unrealistic romantic notions of the holiday portrayed in media, I kind of built up my expectations for the holiday and it took a bit of growing up to develop my current outlook on the whole thing. I'm just as happy laying low, or doing a girls night, or going out on a fun date. (It's important to remember your self-worth has nothing to do with a holiday with pink hearts and you can have just as lovely of a day doing something you love to do alone as you can on a date—or more!)

Whether you are a fan of Valentine's Day with exciting plans, a hater, or a V-Day Indifferencer like me, there's one amazing thing that we can all enjoy at the beginning of February: pink clothing is everywhere! And many stores even have all their pink items on sale. Clothing, furniture, beauty products, and more! (Oh my) Honestly, even if I do have fun plans for the holiday (this year I'm going to an event called Promsi at a local science museum and I'm super excited), I've never really been the type to go out to buy a special outfit for it. I'm not that in to buying/exchanging gifts on Valentine's Day either (flowers are okay but definitely not jewelry. I would, however, be incredibly stoked to receive a giant teddy bear... not a large teddy bear. A giant one! I've just always wanted one.) Additionally, I'm not known as someone who wears pink, so you might be wondering why I'm so excited for V-day sales. Well, going along with my pledge to put about 10 percent more effort into wearing actual outfits when I'm in public, instead of my usual T-shirt and running shorts, I serendipitously discovered I like how I look in light pink (it's kind of like wearing light grey). I'm still not huge on wearing a lot of color in general, but light pink has joined navy blue and olive green on my list of acceptable colors to wear. As I've warmed up to adding pink into my wardrobe, I started browsing the yearly Valentine's Day sales and was pleasantly surprised. Here are my top picks for Valentine's:

  1. Lou & Grey Love Striped Linen Tee —$44.50

  2. The Style Club Girl Power Tee —$38

  3. EMU Australia Mayberry Slippers —$59.95

  4. Oasis Rainbow Love Slogan Knit —$58

  5. J.Crew "Chardonney" T-shirt—$36.50 (30% off until V-Day)

  6. MeUndies VDay Collection "Taco Love"—$18

  7. dpHUE Valentine's Day Bundle—$75 (normally $100)

  8. Article Svelti Dining Chair in Lily Pink—$29 (normally $49)

  9. Article Matrix Couch in Blush Pink—$1199 (normally $1299)