HALFWAY THERE: 50 Days into 100 Days Sober

I've been sober for 50 days (or a little over depending when you read this). I'm not an alcoholic nor collecting chips from AA. I'm not pregnant, nor am I on a diet.I'm giving up alcohol for 100 days for a couple reasons:

  • I wanted to bring awareness to the social struggles of going sober in a very alcohol dominated society (and to get a better understanding of what that feels like).

  • I wanted to raise questions about the black and white way we tend to view alcoholism.

  • I wanted to change some of my personal habits (mostly reset my internal clock to become a morning person, which I'm kind of failing at).

Now that I've reached halfway through my 100 days, I wanted to reflect for a bit on how it's going. (Side note: I've had the song  "Almost There" from Princess and the Frog stuck in my head while writing this.) Many of the thoughts I express in my video, I developed pretty fast into being sober. It didn't take long for sobriety to completely change my social life.Will I stay sober after my 100 days is up? Haha! No. Now more than every, I feel pretty confident that I don't have an alcohol problem. (I also already have a boozy girls' night planned for the first Friday after my 100 days). I do feel like this experience has changed my relationship with alcohol and that will probably alter my habits going forward.I'm sure my next 50 days will bring even more insights, so check back for another thoughtful post in November on how it went and my feelings towards introducing alcohol back into my life. Questions about my experience or anything related topics you'd like me to address? Put them in the comments below and I'll talk about it a future video or blog post!